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This blog was set up by neighbours concerned about development on this site. There is currently a proposal to build seven four storey units (six semis and one single) that would greatly reduce public views of the lake, is partially on green space and lakeside "hazardous lands" and is totally out of character with the neighbourhood. This would require a huge amendment to Toronto's Official Plan and zoning by-laws.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Even though this new, preliminary proposal from Dunpar includes dwellings that conform to R2 Zoning for the site (i.e. semi-detached and single family dwellings), the overall size of the lot is not large enough, after severance, to accommodate the four proposed structures (three semis and one single – seven units in total). The total size of the lot, according to City planners’ measurements, is 74 feet frontage and 154 feet depth. 88 feet, measured from the ‘top of the slope’ near the water to the first structure must be reserved for “hazardous” lands upon which structures cannot be built (TRCA requirement). As R2 Zoning requires lot measurements of 25 feet by 100 feet for single-family dwellings and 50 feet by 100 feet for semis, there is not enough conforming room for what is proposed. After severance and allowing for some possible tweaking by the Committee of Adjustments, there would barely be enough room for even half the structures proposed.
Of course, most of the community’s other objections from the last proposal apply to this new one, especially the height of four stories, which is out of line with other dwellings in the neighbourhood.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


This no April Fools' joke! I spoke to Greg Garcia-Hobson today after hearing rumours that Tom Jiancos from Dunpar has submitted to City planners a new development proposal for the site. He confirmed that a "preliminary" plan has, indeed, been submitted in the last few days for staff to look at. Greg clearly wanted me to know that no "formal" proposal has yet been received but expects one soon, similar to the preliminary one but possibly with revisions. The plan calls for a development consisting of six semi-detached houses and one single family dwelling; so, three units of two houses and one single family unit closest to the lake. Two of the semi units would face west and one would face north. There would be no setback from the street. All of the structures would be four storeys tall! The whole development together would occupy approximately the same footprint as the last proposal. So, it looks like it is virtually the same proposal as last time with the exception of there being a small space between structures to allow the application to conform to the site's R2 zoning - semi-detached and single-family dwellings only. Greg's staff is not yet sure whether this would be a revision of the last application or is, in fact, a new application. If it is considered a revision, then the same community contact lists from before would be used to inform us; if it is new and is not considered to be a change to the Official Plan and Zoning Bylaws and only subject to regulatory standards, then there would be no need for posting of information at the site or letters sent out to local residents, unless the Councillor wanted it. It is best to call or e-mail the planner and let him know that you need to be kept up to date on this application - Greg Garcia-Hobson 416 394 2615 TRCA are already involved because of the same issues as last time - Green space zoning and an inadequate "hazards" buffer at the lake end. We knew they would be back and here they are! Keep your eye on this space for further news.
Terry Smith