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This blog was set up by neighbours concerned about development on this site. There is currently a proposal to build seven four storey units (six semis and one single) that would greatly reduce public views of the lake, is partially on green space and lakeside "hazardous lands" and is totally out of character with the neighbourhood. This would require a huge amendment to Toronto's Official Plan and zoning by-laws.

Monday, April 18, 2011


Here is a link to the full decision made April 6/2011 by the judge at the Ontario Supreme Court of Justice regarding the slapsuit (Zanini v. Wadon) against the last objector to Zanini's application for absolute title to the G zoned land on this site.

1 comment:

  1. Under [11] of the judgment, the claim that the property grew by accretion is clear fraud.

    The three borehole samples which were performed show that fill extends up to near the existing structure.

    It is impossible for landfill to be considered "accreted" land, as accretion refers only to natural forces depositing sand, earth, etc. on the shoreline to expand the property.

    This area of Lake Ontario shoreline has always been subject to erosion, as all property owners along the lake have had to shore up their properties until armour rock walls or concrete breakwalls were (are) installed. Ask any 'old=timer' from the area and they will tell you that waterfront properties had to be constantly shored up with log cribbing and fill for many decades. That waterfront property owners took advantage of the situation to illegally expand the land area of their properties is really no surprise. Why not get "free" land at the expense of the Crown (i.e. taxpayers)?

    In the absence of proof of written authorization from the Crown to fill in the lakebed adjacent to 51 Lake Shore Drive, the lands extending from the 1909 property line are clearly property of the Crown.

    This is clearly a case of a fraudulent land-grab of Crown property.